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12 Secrets to MLM Success!

Secret #2 Lead – Don’t Manage

Are you frustrated that your business “leaders” are not building, let alone leading? Do you find yourself spinning plates at the end of the month, trying to get people to place orders needed for you to qualify for matrix or

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Secret #3 – Build Fast!

When you decided to build your business, did you want it to grow fast or slow? I ask this because most people tend to develop slowly. I decided I wanted to build quickly, so I studied the compensation plan to

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Secret #4 – Prioritize Your Time

Your time is your most valuable resource. Unlike money, property, or even relationships, if you lose time, you can’t ever get it back or rebuild it. It is just gone Sadly, most people treat time with little respect. I am

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Secret #5 – Your SMART WHY Is Your Fuel

If you have been around the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) industry for even a month or more, you’ll hear this everywhere: “You need a WHY to build a successful business.” Moreover, just so we are clear, your WHY is your motivating

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Secret #6 – Comfort Stops Progress

Do you have everything you want in life? Time? Money? Relationships? Body? Skills? Stuff? Talents? Energy? Knowledge? Spiritual connections? Anything else come to mind? If your answer to all the above is “yes,” then you can pretty much stop reading

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Secret # 9 – Follow Up Can Be Easy!

If you have been around network marketing or any sales program, you will have heard the expression: “The fortune is in the follow-up.” The reason is simple. If you don’t follow-up with a prospect, you’ll never make any money. But

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Secret #12 – What NOT to Do to Build Fast

This blog post contains a list of activities that are distractions and time wasters that don’t directly lead to prospect enrollment and therefore business building. I recommend you avoid if you want to quickly build your MLM business. I admit

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Building Your MLM Business During COVID

The pandemic has certainly changed the way we build a traditional Network Marketing Business. It’s pretty hard to have “product parties” when nobody can attend in person. There is nothing like being able to pass around products and hear the

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