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Ron Wilder

Simple Connector Architect

A Brief History of Simple Connector...

...and one man's search to find the perfect followup tool.

Hi there!

I’m Ron Wilder, a retired Professional Engineer, professional Network Marketer, and the architect of Simple Connector and here is a brief overview of Simple Connector came into existence.

Simple Connector is the culmination of my 10-year jouney to find a powerful, yet simple to use tool to both connect and automatically follow up with people both I and my team could use to build our businesses. I can’t tell you how many hundreds of napkins, pieces of paper, and business cards I have in zip lock bags with names and contact info of prospects I met and NEVER FOLLOWED UP WITH on my journey to doTERRA Diamond. Can you relate?

In addition, I wanted a way to remind myself to complete tasks on my “todo” list.  Since they naturally fell into the follow-up process it made sense to include that in my wish list for that perfect product.  Ever forget to send out a sample or make a followup call?

Finally, I wanted a way to quickly (10-15 minutes) create websites I could send people to share more things online without spending $100/mo for this capability.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m a techy and can create sites pretty quickly, but I would always go down the rabbit hole and make websites that were way to complicated and took hours, days, and weeks to build.  Again, can you relate?

Okay… just one more thing… I wanted to be under $10/mo so my team could afford to use the same tool I was using to build my business so quickly!  Okay, maybe this was wishful thinking, but hey, it was on MY dream list of product requirements.  We don’t all start with a barrel of money, do we?  I certainly didn’t — but that’s another story…

Commercial CRMs Are Too Complex and Expensive!

I discovered there are seemingly endless companies offering powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) apps but they are all just too complicated and expensive to be duplicable to new team members just starting their businesses.  Finding the right blend of low cost and powerful was impossible. 

I evaluated software from Infusionsoft, aWeber, ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, and a number of products designed for doTERRA and other MLMs — I even became a certified partner for some of them. Infusionsoft is a good example. The word on the street is it is called ConfusionSoft — In fact, the company changed its name to KEAP (I wonder why) and came out with a brand new product — trust me, it needs more cooking.  lol

Back to my reseach… Either the tools had no templates (which required me to start from scratch using my technical skills) or they were so flowery and corporate sounding that I’d never feel comfortable using their words for my prospects. Have you read some of their emails?  Seriously? — Just too much cool-aid for me.

Time to Roll My Own

So, I decided to invest my personal money to create the perfect product for my team to use.  It had to be simple to use right from their smart phone and right when they meet someone new.  I wanted to be able to add the new prospect right when I met them and get the first email or text sent to them while they are standing next to me.  (With so much email ending up in SPAM folders I wanted to make sure they knew how to always receive my followup emails.)

In essence, I put all of the things in my wish list into the product and it has come out really great — Better than I had imagined it could be.  As interest grew, I decided to formally name it “Simple Connector” and here we are today with a product anyone can use with any Network Marketing company.

Duplication is Key For Network Marketers

I also wanted it to be brain-dead simple to pass working “campaigns” between team members, both upline/downline and also crossline and the price had to be $9.99/mo for the mobile app. — Anyone can afford it at that price.

Increased Power for Power Builders

Over the past 6 months, Simple Connector has expanded from the Simple Connector Mobile App to include an optional desktop computer website that allows “power users” like MLM leaders to build sequences of emails, text messages, and reminder tasks that automatically get sent to prospects and team members either sequentially or on specific dates so you can “set it and forget it” once you add the prospect’s name, email, and phone number into the app — AND, you can clone the emails, texts, and campaigns so team members and cross-line can load them with a single campaign code — Even on the mobile phone. Duplication, baby!

We have also added super-simple websites you can create in just a few minutes when you have that wild-hair thought about a cool website you can create.

Yes, the power users will spend a little more for this increased power, but if you compare to other products on the market, it’s not even close!  And since they can share the campaigns and websites with others, their team members can still use what they have created for under $10/mo.

So, that’s Simple Connector and my journey for the perfect CRM for Network Marketers.  I call it Simple Connector CRM — Your Network Marketing Engine

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