Take your MLM / Network Marketing Biz ONLINE!

Automate Follow-up Emails and Texts For Your Prospects and Team

Network Marketing is Hard Enough...

Never Lose Another Prospect Again!

The Simple Connector Mobile App stores new contacts organizes contacts displays todays tasks email blasts groups text blasts groups automates follow up on your Apple or Android phone.

Add your prospects into your mobile phone while talking to them. They’ll get your first automated follow-up email right then!

Use Simple Connector and Get Organized Today.

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Make, Find, and Keep Connections Simple

From Your Smart Phone

Easily Add a New Contact

Add new contacts right when you meet them.
They will get an email or text with a link to a personalized website for the info they want.
You can even assign them to groups like, "loves animals", "Wants BOGOs" and "Hot Lead".
No more losing little slips of paper with their names!

Find and Stay Connected With Your Contacts

See all of your contacts (most recent at the top). Click the contact you want to view and get what you need: Name, email, phone, tasks, notes, and email history. You can even call, text, email, or edit their info with a single click.

Instant Group Email Blasts -- From Your Phone

Want to instantly send an email to a contact or a group of contacts? How about a "BOGO Alert" to all of the people in your "Loves BOGOs" group? Simple. Customize a pre-written email template and send to a contact or group of contacts? Simple.

Follow-up with Contacts -- Automatically

Stay connected to prospects and team by sending them the information they want with personalized automatic emails. No more having to pick up the 500-pound phone to call them back in a few days, week, or month. Let Simple Connector do the heavy lifting for you. Whew!

Daily Task List Keeps You On Track - Simple

Don't let things fall through the cracks! Easily set reminder tasks like calls, emails, personal, or meetings. The task will appear when you need to do it. Just click on the task, read the notes, make the call, read the notes, and click done. Simple.

Work Offline - Nice!

We know you have life and are not always, "plugged in" to the internet. But, sometimes you meet the PERFECT person for your business while on an airplane or out hiking in the woods. You write their info down... and then lose the paper for that perfect contact. We've got you covered. Add a new contact when you are offline. Simple Connector will automatically send the info when you are back online! Ahhh... That's the way to do it!

iPhone / iOS


"I came up with this app because I wish I had it when I started my business.

I can't tell you the number of people who I forgot to follow up with and fell through the cracks. I have bags of business cards and slips of paper who could have been leaders on my team!"

Use Simple Connector to boost your MLM business!
Ron Wilder
App Architect

"Perfect for People Who Prospect While Out and About and Struggle with Follow-up."​

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