Secret #6 – Comfort Stops Progress

Comfort is the enemy of achievement

Do you have everything you want in life? Time? Money? Relationships? Body? Skills? Stuff? Talents? Energy? Knowledge? Spiritual connections? Anything else come to mind?
If your answer to all the above is “yes,” then you can pretty much stop reading this book about building a successful network marketing business and relax. Get comfortable in your big easy chair, kick your shoes off, watch a movie, and enjoy your life.
Of course, the truth is that nobody has everything. Everyone from the richest to the poorest and the youngest to the oldest wants something they don’t already possess.
Unfortunately, just wanting something different often isn’t enough to get it; this is especially true if that something is a lot different than what we already have. Why? Because people also like to be comfortable. It’s just human nature. Change is hard, so we tend to put it off for another day. Countless self-improvement programs are purchased and not consumed. Often, we read the first pages of a book or listen to the first half hour of an audio or video recording. I have seen this repeatedly. I’m in the world of self-improvement, and even I haven’t listened to programs that I purchased with good money.

This is sad because the process of personal growth helps us create a better version of ourselves. Have you ever known anyone who joined an MLM either in your past or recently? Have you watched them as they grew in rank to Diamond? They are different after a while, aren’t they? Aside from the genuinely nice passive income, their confidence and aura are different. People want to be around them! Odds are they weren’t like that when they joined the MLM company. They struggled, just like you, to find the secret sauce to get them to Diamond. But they had something that most people don’t have: a clear and powerfully motivating WHY, along with the tenacity of not letting anything stop them.
Looking inward, what is stopping you? Is it a lack of money, knowledge, perfect body, time, or something else? This killer of progress is called limiting beliefs. Not believing you can do something will stop you every time. Your confidence suffers. You let yourself get distracted. You spend your money on stuff that won’t help you progress toward the goals you have set, and then you put other plans ahead of your business.
The rest of this blog post is to give you some guidance on how to get COMFORTABLE being UNCOMFORTABLE and how to identify some of your limiting beliefs so you can push past them to the greatness you are now and deserve in the future.

Time to Get Uncomfortable

The reality is that change is hard, but it is essential for personal growth, both emotionally and financially. I tell people, “Personal growth sucks! However, the results are amazing.” The best thing about reaching your goals in your MLM is that after you have pushed through the tough stuff, you have become a better version of yourself. It’s true. I’ve seen it many times.
Think back to when someone you know first started in your MLM. They probably fumbled around until things started sticking. Strongly driven people sometimes even tick people off because of the way they push. Then a funny thing happens. They begin to realize that this is a RELATIONSHIP-business. They learn that they will have a successful business only if they help others find their WHY and create freedoms in their lives through their own successful business. After a while, they become the coolest people you know because they have experienced personal growth and have become that better version of themselves.

Another example is on the opposite end of the spectrum. Maybe you know someone who started out caring more about everyone else than themselves and gave all their samples away. They practically went broke because they gave away so much product. Unfortunately, they weren’t making any real money. Only when they realized that this is a relationship-BUSINESS were they able to push past the discomfort and ask their prospects if they would instead buy it at retail or wholesale. It seemed a little awkward at first, but then they tried it out. Everything started to change, and people started signing up. They finally had a business.
In both cases, the person had to get a little uncomfortable first, and then it became easy and more natural.
Here’s a good one. If you think about all the defining moments of your life, you will realize they were first uncomfortable. Examples include:

  • Your first kiss
  • Your first day of high school
  • The first time you merged into fast-moving traffic
  • The first time you held a baby
  • The first time you asked someone out for a date
  • The first time you started a job

Can you think of any other examples in your life?
In each of the above examples, you were initially uncomfortable. However, after you did them a few times, they were no longer uncomfortable, were they?
If you want your business to grow, you are going to have to do something different, something uncomfortable. But if you do it a few more times, it will begin to be natural to you, and after a while, it might even become fun. Trust me, you will LOVE the new you if you get off the cushy, comfortable chair. Besides, if you do it right, you can buy a much nicer chair later — in your new house overlooking the ocean or lake!

Limiting Beliefs

Did you know you have limiting beliefs? You have preconceived ideas of:

  • What YOU are worth
  • How much your TIME is worth
  • How long you will live
  • If you deserve success
  • If you deserve happiness
  • What people think about you
  • How much money you should make
  • How much success you can handle
  • If you are pretty or handsome enough
  • If you are smart enough
  • If you are too tall or too short
  • If you are too fat or too skinny
  • If your skin color will limit your success
  • If your religion will interfere with your business
  • If your gender is impacting how much you make

I could go on and on. Can you think of some of your personal limiting beliefs that you might want to push past?
Did nothing come to mind? If so, you might not think you have them. That’s fine. Let’s test that theory.

Do you believe you could make $500/month in your network marketing business? I want you to think about it. Consider your experience so far making money in your MLM business. Yes? Great, let’s go on.
Do you believe you could make $5000/month in your network marketing business? I want you to think about it. Consider your experience so far making money in your company. Yes? Great, let’s go on.
Do you believe you could make $50,000/month in your MLM business? I want you to think about it. Consider your experience so far making money in your business. Yes? Great, let’s go on.
Do you believe you could make $500,000/month in your MLM business? I want you to think about it. Consider your experience so far making money in your business.

When doing this exercise, most people get stuck somewhere between $5,000/month and $50,000/month. The reason is that they have a limiting belief of how much THEY could personally make. They know others have done it, but they don’t think they could do it.
What if I told you there are people making millions per month in network marketing? There are! Moreover, I guarantee that these same people didn’t believe they would be making that much when they started. They PUSHED PAST their limiting beliefs and made it happen.
You can push past any limiting belief you have. Did you notice the too short, too tall, too fat, too skinny ones in the examples? We all feel we have flaws, whether we want to admit to them or not and whether we want to acknowledge how they impact our decisions in life or not.

One of the most uncomfortable exercises I have ever done involved standing in a circle of people who all sat down and described me. Even though they were all strangers, they figured me out to a T. That’s when I stopped pretending to be someone I wasn’t. It didn’t matter. Everyone surrounding me saw right through it, and it was liberating for me not to have to worry about it anymore. The sooner you get past your limiting beliefs, the faster you will grow your business, and the better your life will be. The new, improved YOU will be worth the growing pains. I promise.

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