Clone MLM Expert Websites

Clone Expert MLM Websites

Most MLM distributors new to online marketing think they must have fancy multi-dimensional websites to be successful.  The reality is that every webpage should have a singular purpose. All of the links and pages of traditional websites confuse the prospect and take them away from your goal of getting their name, email, and perhaps phone number so you can connect with them at a deeper level by phone, text, email, or zoom call.

If you use an expert designed webpage template, you will be able to entice prospects with simple and proven language and save a lot of time, money, and frustration.  Using webpage templates is like using company or upline developed brochures, handouts, forms, and approaches rather than creating your own when building face-to-face.

Duplication is critical

Although you might be able to do it yourself, you already know duplication is critical for network marketing.  Turns out it is the same for online marketing. Online duplication means starting with an expert’s website that you simply modify with your unique info like name, photo, footer info. Most of the rest can be used, as is.

remember, the purpose of the prospecting webpage is to get a prospect’s information in exchange for a gift you provide in a follow-up email. Having an expert designed page you can modify will save you lots of time and put the correct message in front of your prospects.

You only have a limited number of hours each day to prospect for new distributors. Websites work to represent you 24/7.  That whole making money while you sleep adage you hear about so much is a real possibility when you go online.

Essential elements to a lead capture webpage

So what elements are in a simple lead capture/prospecting webpage?

  • a headline that catches their attention
  • a sub-headline that creates more curiosity by hitting them with a deeper pain point or benefit that resonates with them
  • a relevant image or video that digs a bit deeper yet.
  • a short paragraph or two that explains a bit more to create even more curiosity
  • some bullets that cause them to realize you are talking directly to them
  • a simple “opt-in” form that captures their email in exchange for something they want to download.
  • a copyright footer with privacy and terms of service


That is it. You do not need anything else to capture leads.  Of course, you can also have a general-purpose information site that includes a homepage, about page, and contact page. But the lead capture webpage should stand alone without any of those other pages because its singular purpose is to capture their information in exchange for some sort of gift, they believe to be valuable to them.

Take control of the information

Just like your leaders always say to get the prospect’s business cards rather than giving them yours, the lead capture page gets the prospect’s information before you give them a gift. By getting their information, you can control how and when you can reconnect with them.

With a lead capture page, they only get the gift or information if they give you a valid email address.  Why? Because you send the gift in an email.  Do not just give the gift on a “thank you” page because they could have given you a bad email address — causing you to lose control of the connection.

A gift for you…

Free Download – Mind Map of this article

I have created a visual diagram that provides a high-level overview of this component of how to add online prospecting to your traditional network marketing business.

The next article will get into the use of expert designed email templates to help you get the right message in front of your prospect, customer, or team member.

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