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After the prospect has filled out the lead capture form, the next thing that happens is they receive an email with your gift or information. But what do you put in the email? How do you send them the gift? Is it a download or webpage link or an attachment? What do you tell them, so they stay interested in what you have to offer? How do you keep them engaged in the conversation?

Starting with expert designed email templates go a long way to giving you the confidence you will not mess up the developing relationship.

Use expert email and text message wording

Writing effective emails is a learned skill. Some of the best paid people in the world are copy writers who spend all their energy to create a simple, yet alluringly effective message that resonates with the reader and entices them to click the link inside.

Even subject lines are critical because they are the gateway to generating enough curiosity for the prospect to open the email. Think about the number of emails you skip over each day as you scan your email box.  Most people open emails they are either expecting or with subject lines that create the “I’ve got to see what that’s about” curiosity.

As I mentioned, writing effective emails is a highly paid talent and skill. I have heard of copy writers selling single emails for $50,000 to their clients.  Why, because those emails can lead to many sales worth way more than the money spent.

Save time writing emails

Just like websites, you could do it yourself and see how it goes.  Or, you can start with emails written by experts who combine both network marketing (relationships) and online marketing (business) experience to create the perfect messages that will attract the ideal prospects for your product, service, or business network builder position.

You will save a lot of time if you use templates. Why not use the time saved to spend with your family, friends, or just some much needed R&R.

Personalize your content

One thing that will make the emails much more effective is if you personalize them with information relevant to both them and your business. Your sending email address should be personal. Emails from “” are not as professional as “”  Having a custom domain name has value and is not expensive if you buy it from the right supplier.

In general, the shorter the domain name, the better.  I recently brokered the purchase of a $3000 domain name for one of my clients because it was perfect for his company branding and trademarks. Luckily, you should be able to buy one for under $12/year.

You will also want to personalize the message content for your prospects. Would you rather receive and read an email with “Dear interested network marketer” or “Hey, Susie” as the salutation?

A gift for you…

Free Download – Mind Map of this article

I have created a visual diagram that provides a high-level overview of this component of how to add online prospecting to your traditional network marketing business.

The next article will get into expert written automation templates and how they can help you build your business and save you tons of time doing so.

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