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Online MLM Automation

An expert-designed MLM automation system can save you time and help you build your MLM business online. You should choose the system wisely or you will suffer the consequences.

The system you choose is one of the most important decisions you will make for online automation. There are many options out there.  Seems like there is a new CRM (customer relationship manager) platform born every month.

Just a few short years ago there were only a few choices.  Most of them were and still are extremely complicated and expensive (like hundreds of dollars a month) to use. Just last night I came across a platform that was easier to understand, but then I saw the price: $50 per month. This may not be a lot of money to an MLM superstar, but it is a LOT of money for someone just starting out in the business. Heck, even $20/month will cause many new distributors to not buy it.

How to duplicate the experts

I have previously told you about why you should duplicate the experts when building your MLM business online, but I have not talked much about the technical side of how to do it.

More importantly, if you want team members to duplicate you, then you get to find tools that not only you can afford and use, but ones that your new team members can do the same… or they won’t duplicate you!

I admit it… I’m a geek!

My name is Ron and I am a recovering geek. There, I said it.

Turns out, I am a retired (thanks to network marketing) Professional Electrical Engineer who specialized in computer hardware and software design.

Over the past forty years of my life, I have focused on learning and using software and systems to automate things.  I see them as puzzles and find it fun! I know, I am a geek, but my geekness (is that even a word) can help you save a lot of time, money, and frustration.  Why? Because I’m also a diamond level network marketer who was frustrated with the systems on the market today and who has spent the past 9 years trying to find a system I could use and then duplicate to my team members.

My dream online MLM automation System

I came up with a list of what my ideal system would include:

  • Simple to learn and use (who wants to waste time, or brain cells?)
  • Works for face-to-face prospecting via a custom mobile app (no more scraps of paper)
  • Works online via a browser-based control panel (for full-screen use and website, email, text, and automation creation)
  • Allows me to create email and text messages (gotta have both!)
  • Allows me to create super simple websites with opt-in forms (So people can find out more about me, while I slept)
  • Shows me a to-do list (to help not let tasks fall into the cracks of time)
  • Allows me to quickly add a prospect from the mobile app
  • Allows me to assign a campaign and groups when adding new prospects (no more lost prospects)
  • Allows me to write notes and assign tasks when adding the prospect (so I remember important things when I re-connect later)
  • Allows me to follow up and do email blasts right from my cell phone (BOGO’s anyone?)
  • Gives me two-click ability to call or text them them from the app. (saves time looking up their number)
  • Comes with templates I can modify via a desktop app for emails, texts, campaigns, and websites (so I can personize the expert created templates)
  • Automates email and text sending (so I do not forget to follow up)
  • Allows me to easily share my websites, emails, texts, and campaigns with my team and others (How’s that for easy duplication?)
  • Allows me to capture prospect information when I am OFFLINE and then automatically re-connects and starts the campaigns when I’m back online. (Ever met someone on an airplane and lost the paper scrap or info in your phone contacts?)
  • So low cost that everyone one on my team can afford it (duplication, baby!)

WOW! My list was crazy, but it had everything I wanted and believed would help both me and my team build online.

Simple Connector is Born

After giving up my search, I decided to build my own automation system that I shared with my team. It has everything on my “wish I had this when I started” list, much to my developer’s frustration. (His “It’s close enough to ship” was met by my “Not yet.  Let’s add this one more function,” time after time.

Eventually, I decided to share it with others and finally, I am open to sharing it with you, if you are interested.

I call it “Simple Connector CRM” and it is available in an Apple or Android app store near you. Just pick up your cell phone and search for it. 🙂

I know it will help you enter the online world both quickly and at low cost making it duplicable for your team! If you want to learn more, just CLICK HERE and you will be taken to a website that not only tells you more, but also lets you download and try it for yourself.

You will need a login email and password, and will want to view the simple tutorial videos, but then you will be off to the races.

In summary, I created Simple Connector because I know, from personal experience, what network marketers do to build an online business.

I know there are a ton of other online automation options out there. So, I would be honored if you check out Simple Connector for yourself. But even if you do not, I hope that I have helped you better understand online automation for network marketers.

The next articles will cover tools that can be used to bridge the gap between traditional network marketing and online marketing. I will also include invaluable information about how to create a buyer’s journey to build a stronger relationship with your prospects and team.

Keep smiling,


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