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Start with Expert Templates for Websites, Emails, & Automation


Simple Website Templates

Learn the essentials of a simple website landing page to attract and capture information from interested prospects. Leverage the work of experts to quickly put up one or more websites to attract your perfect potential customers. 


Email/Text Templates

Start with simple email and text templates you can personalize so your prospects and team know they are from you, not some corporation. Sending personalized emails of experts will save you time and frustration of “rolling your own.”


Automation Templates

Discover how sending email and text messages to your propects and team members can be very powerful because it can free up your time to focus on other important things in your life. Starting with pre-created templates saves time!

Other Online Tips and Tools


Leverage Zoom Video Calls

Stay connected “virtually” with your prospects and team members using the most popular video conferencing platform: Zoom. Use it for face-to-face meetings or large webinars.


Understand the Buyer Journey

Understanding this concept can dramatically increase engagement of both your prospects and team as you build your business. Learn how build a relationship with people, online.


Connect Online with Offline

Use the power of the internet for automated business building. Learn how to connect your face-to-face prospecting with your online capabilities to save confusion & maximize profits.


Harness Traffic Sources

Having a cool website, and automated emails going out is great… except if nobody finds  your website!  Knowing how to direct prospects to your website and turning them into leads is the key to this one!

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