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How Will Simple Connector Help Me?

Simple Connector is a simple to use app to automate and duplicate your business from your smart phone.

Simple Connector makes it really easy to follow up with anyone you meet face to face.  Just add the new contact while you are with them, and they’ll get an email within seconds. No more little pieces of paper to write down their names, numbers and emails and then forgetting to follow up.

You can even add notes, and select which email sequence to send them, what groups to add them to (Do the Like BOGOs?, Are they a Hot lead?, Are they a team member) so you can send custom email blasts to just the people from the groups you choose.  

Simple Connector lets you send fully customized and a sequence of automated emails to any contact. You have complete control of what emails get sent, and what they say. (check out the desktop app)  And if you don’t know what to send them, you can use or modify our pre-canned email campaigns until you are a pro.  No more having to pick up the 800 pound phone to call them.  You can even share your favorite campaigns with your downline or others.

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A message from the founder...

Hi, I'm Ron, founder of Simple Connector: An easy to use mobile app that helps you connect and stay connected with prospects, friends, customers, and team members from your mobile phone.

If you build your business by connecting with people face-to-face and struggle with follow-up then listen up because Simple Connector might change the way you build your business, forever.

Networkers, Network marketers, car sales people, and anyone else who struggles with connecting and staying connected need to check out this new, easy to use mobile app to automate and duplicate your business forever. 

If You Are Like Me... Your Phone Is Never Far Away.

Why not use it to capture your leads and automatically follow up with them?  Simple Connector makes it SIMPLE to:
  • Add a New Contact's Critical Info
  • Look Up Contact Names, notes, sent emails, groups, etc.
  • Automatically Followup with planned emails
  • Send e-Mail Blasts to special groups you create
  • Remember Today's Tasks

Where can I get the Mobile App?

You can grab it from the apple app store and android play store. (You’ll need an account to log in.)

Is there an desktop / browser-based App?

YES, The optional desktop isn’t required but with it, you can do everything the mobile app can do PLUS: 

  • Create email templates with images, links, etc.
  • Create full email campaigns that the mobile app can access
  • Create websites very quickly (like 15 minutes) you can connect to your campaigns
  • Import and export contacts, emails, campaigns, websites
  • Create custom domains and email addresses
  • Route your emails to an inbox
  • View all tasks in a monthly calendar format
  • View all contacts in a spreadsheet and on the right side
  • And so much more since you have a larger screen to work with

When will it be available?

Grab a spot on the waitlist and I will let you know the exact date.  Currently is it in beta testing and we are adding some cool emails and campaigns so you don’t have to come up with all of your own.  Of course, you will be able to modify them to your own liking

Why do I need the Simple Connector App?

BECAUSE YOUR TIME IS WORTH MORE THAN MONEY!!!  Don’t waste your time looking for pens and scraps of paper, searching for contact info like emails and phone numbers or coming up with your own email campaigns when there is a smarter way: Your Smart Phone — which is NEVER far from you, is it?

Growing a solid business on limited time requires being effective and efficient. Let your computer (mobile phone) do what it is really good doing — Data Storage and Organization!  Then, leverage the internet to automate the busy-work (and not fun work) of your business keeping in contact with your prospects and friends, customers and team-mates.

So, What are you waiting for???

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Add & Recall Contacts, Email Blast, Auto Follow-up, See Daily Task List...
All From Your Smart Phone

Add a New Contact

Add new contacts right when you meet them and they'll instantly receive an email with a link to a personalized website for the info they want.

Assign them to custom groups, email campaigns, add notes, and a follow-up task if you want.

All from a single screen.



Find and Recall All Contacts

See all of your contacts (most recent at the top), or search for the one you want. 

Click the contact you want to view and get everything you need: Name, email, phone, tasks, notes, and history.

Click the call, text, email, or edit their info with a single click.


Automatically Follow Up With Contacts

Stay connected with contacts, automatically. Send them the info they wanted with personalized automatic emails you can modify any time.

No more having to pick up the 800-pound phone to call them back days or weeks later. Let Simple Connector do the heavy lifting for you.


Instant Group Email Blasts

Want to send an email to a contact or a group of contacts?

How about that one-day BOGO you just found out about?  Just do a group email blast to all of the people you added to your custom BOGO group!

Want to send a pre-written email to a contact or group of contacts?


Daily Task List Keeps You On Track

Don't let things fall through the cracks! Easily set reminder tasks like calls, emails, personal, or meetings and be reminded on the day you need to do them. Just click on the task, read the notes, make the call, capture the notes, and click done. Then onto the next task.


Works Offline Too!

We know you are not always, "plugged" into the internet. But, sometimes you meet the PERFECT person for your business on an plane or out hiking.

We've got you covered. Simply open the app, add them, and then you'll both get an email upon return to civilization. No more lost little pieces of paper with their contact info!


Enter to Win A FREE Lifetime License to the Simple Connector Mobile App By Joining Our Waitlist Below...

Simple to Add a New Contact, Set Up Email Automation, and
Add a Follow up Task to Your Task List (From Your Mobile Phone)

  • Step 1: Add a contact when you meet them*

    Just click the add contacts tab, add their name, email phone, and notes.

  • Step 2: Pick a campaign for them

    Select which of the automated email campaigns to plug them into.

  • Step 3: Add them to some custom groups

    You can add the new person to any groups that make sense. Do they like BOGOs? Add them to that group. Are the a "hot" lead, add them to that group. You chose which groups they will receive info about.

  • Step 4: Set up a followup task

    If you want to set up a follow Up task, ask them when they want it. Today? Tomorrow? 4 Days? then click to save it on your task list.

  • Step 5: Click "Add Contact"*

    Click the "Add Contact" button. That's it! You now have a new contact in Simple Connector. You will also be asked if you would like to add this person to your phone contacts too.

* - Only required steps to add a new contact. Others are optional.

Enter to Win A FREE Lifetime License to the Simple Connector Mobile App By Joining Our Waitlist Below...

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